Shiplake Tennis Club Rules and Policies

The Club is committed to providing an enjoyable playing experience for all our Junior Members, Members and their Guests.

To this end, following LTA guidelines we have produced a Safeguarding Policy, a Diversity and Inclusion Policy and have also provided as a reference the LTA Transgender Policy and Guidelines. We also have Safeguarding, Diversity and Inclusion plus Whistleblowing Policy Summaries. These must be read and upheld by everyone who works with children at our Club. They are also reviewed and updated regularly; please see below for the latest versions

If your child is a Junior Member and you do not want them to be photographed, for example if they are playing in a match on Finals Day, please complete a Photography Consent Withdrawal Form below and send it to the Welfare Officer.

If you are already a member, should you have any comments or concerns please contact:

Welfare Officer:
Rachel Richardson –