Ladies A Match Reports

See below for the progress of our Ladies A Team

Team:  Nikki & Lottie (1) Clare & Caroline (2)

Result : 8-0 win to shiplake 
Weather : sunny and warm , light breeze. Perfect conditions .
Tennis: not the most exciting game of tennis however very tricky players to play against. We all had to play attacking tennis as otherwise it would have been really easy to get roped into lobbing and long rallies.
Tea: amazing as ever. Weather allowed us to sit on the deck getting the first sunshine of the summer months! 
Shiplake did really well to get such a convincing win and a great start to the season! 

We travelled to Abingdon on Sunday our team was Lottie, Brenda Janette and myself.

We unfortunately lost the match 2-6 against a strong established Abingdon A team.

Brenda and Janette were amazing stepping up to play in our team and played some awesome tennis.
Every time I looked over they seemed to be winning point after point, long rallies, great net play but that important vital winning point sadly not going our way.

Lottie and I had two great matches , winning both sets against the second pair with ease .
We had a real battle against the first pair, long rallies often being won at net , some fabulous tennis was played especially by Lottie but sadly we lost both sets on tie breaks the first 10-12 and the second 13-15 .

We probably had our best tea of the season with the lovely Abingdon ladies. We kept to short as the club house was extremely chilly.

Thank you again to Brenda and Janette for playing some fab tennis and really helping us out.

We arrived back at North Oxford today to play their A team .
The sun was shining back on the same courts , all to play for .
Celine and I got off to a great start winning the first two games to 15. We had decided to play all guns blazing 30-15 on my serve and after an intense rally our opposition put up a fabulous deep topspin lob, Celine ran back for it and got her racket on the ball, she looked like she was half way up the back netting. She missed the tramline by mms for a winning shot but unfortunately twisted her left knee when landing and was in excruciating pain, luckily Nurse Nikki !!!  and a doctor was playing a mens match on the next court , we were able to help Celine ,an assessment was made by the Dr who felt Celine was ok to play on, she gave it a go but after a couple of points with Sandra’s very firm knee support it became apparent that we needed to concede the match. Such a shame for Celine to pick up such a painful injury, wishing you a super speedy recovery.
Sandra and Lottie battled on to play both rubbers.
The first couple very strong , an established pairing who barely made a mistake put up a valiant fight but lost 6-0 6-3.
Sandra and Lottie put up a better fight against the second couple , most games in the first set went to juice, just unable to convert that last point.
The second set ran away from them and their opposition deciding to play Australian formation at critical points to force our pair to make low percentage shots . 
Sadly our first 8-0 loss. All to play for in our final 3 matches.
Thank you to Celine for driving us there and as ever giving 110% and to Sandra and Lottie for playing such great tennis, we loved watching you both play in the sunshine. 

Our first match against North Oxford B team was a great match , some superb tennis being played by all . Very very nearly a 6-2 win but we had to settle for a 5-3 win instead.

Lottie and Sandra played their first match together , in-fact this was Sandra’s first match for many months.
They gelled well and played a very attacking game, against the second pair , getting to net first and dominating the game.
Winning the first set 6-4,and sadly even though being a head 5-3 just lost the 2nd 7-5 .

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