Ladies C Match Reports

See below for the progress of our Ladies C Team

We found Horsenden via a very cross country clever route taken by Katie, with Sharon joining us there separately. Unfortunately, we realised on arrival their courts were astroturf and we would have to adapt our game, but as it was dry and windless,  we hoped we would manage not to completely give away loads of points. 

Caroline and Sharon started off playing the second pair Sarah and Bethan very strongly , keeping all their shots consistent.  Sarah had an amazing serve that you had to stand way behind the back line to receive.  But Caroline and Sharon ran away with the first two sets after lots of good shots and not letting the surface get to them and won 6-2, 6-4.  Katie and I were playing the first pair Allison and Cas , Allison was strong and hit hard and so we played on Cas.  However, it took us the first set to settle down and get used to the surface, we ended up losing the first 6-1, but got the second set 6-2.

After swapping pairs, Caroline and Sharon fought hard to keep up their game, Sharon even managed to return a serve sent to Caroline, just to make things more interesting!  After lots of deuces they were sadly beaten 6-2, 6-4.   Katie and I by now pulled ourselves together and with lots of better rallies, took both sets this time 6-1, 6-0.  

A 5-3 win to Shiplake!!
Tea was bought cakes, so we didn’t indulge too much and rewarded ourselves afterwards with a drink at the very lively Bull and Butcher in Turville!
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