Shiplake Tennis Club Sessions

Club Sessions run throughout the year and are supervised by volunteers during the Spring and Summer.  They are held on Sundays at 9.30am-12.30pm, Mondays and Wednesdays: 6.00pm-9.30pm. A further unsupervised session is held each Tuesday at 9.30am-11am.

If you would like to join the rota for running club sessions during the summer, please contact Mike Lynskey, who is kindly putting together the schedule for this year, at

March to June 2019 Season Rota

Mondays and Wednesdays: 6pm to 9.30pm latest
Sundays: 9.30am to 12.30pm

Monday 25th Mike Lynskey
Wednesday 27th Janette Verrall
Sunday 31st Diana Jones

Monday 1st Clare Pelling
Wednesday 3rd Charlie Calderbank
Sunday 7th Peter Robertson
Monday 8th Sally Greenfield
Wednesday 10th Paul Shienfeld
Sunday 14th Alan Mitchell
Monday 15th Nikki Botterill
Wednesday 17th Graham Cooper
Sunday 21st Andy Botterill
Monday 22nd Karen Peters
Wednesday 24th Tim Verran
Sunday 28th Robin Andrews
Monday 29th Court repainting

Wednesday 1st Court repainting
Sunday 5th Fiona Blackwood
Monday 6th Katie Binning
Wednesday 8th Andy Waiton
Sunday 12th Julia Foskett
Monday 13th Sheena Darke
Wednesday 15th Tim Dunn
Sunday 19th Jonathan Palmer
Monday 20th Sandra Greenslade
Wednesday 22nd Howard Poll
Sunday 26th Caroline Cousins
Monday 27th Sarah Waiton
Wednesday 29th Nick Wrigley

Sunday 2nd Jim Weatherston
Monday 3rd Jenny Berger
Wednesday 5th Helma Marlow
Sunday 9th Matt Thomas
Monday 10th Amanda Andrews
Wednesday 12th Q Jones
Sunday 16th Andy Stallwood
Monday 17th David Channon
Wednesday 19th Alastair Walker
Sunday 23rd Ali/Chris Fisher
Monday 24th Richard Ormerod
Wednesday 26th Cosima Wagner
Sunday 30th Suzette Smith

Guidelines for the member on rota duty:

  • Arrive at least 10 minutes prior to the start of the club session.
  • Get club balls out of the trunk in the clubhouse. N.B. Paul Shienfeld is i/c club balls.
  • Measure nets on all 3 courts.
  • Lay out refreshments (inside or outside depending on weather). Whilst providing refreshments (basic nibbles and squash, juice or coffee) is not compulsory, they do tend to be popular and much appreciated, particularly by those arriving hungry after work or just needing a strong cup of coffee and croissant on a Sunday morning before hitting a ball! The Club (via Mike) will reimburse you £7.50 per session.
  • Welcome players as they arrive and organise into fours.
  • The session, where possible, should be mixed doubles.
  • Play 8 games maximum, then mix players around. If really busy, play 6 games & sudden death on 2nd deuce.
  • As players drift off a short set can be played and ladies doubles/mens doubles can be played.
  • As the weekday club evenings can go on until 9.30 pm (when the floodlights automatically switch off) you are not be expected to stay until the bitter end, just be there for the first couple of hours and then nominate another player to take over who is planning to stay until the end.
  • Fill in notebook on clubhouse shelf with names of players attending.
  • To finish, nets need lowering, balls put away, lights (if used) switched off, clubhouse and gate locked.