Committee Meeting Minutes 12th June 2019

Shiplake Tennis and Social Club
Minutes of Committee Meeting 11th June 2019

Present: Tim Dunn TD Chair, Charlie Calderbank CC Treasurer, Rachel Richardson RR Junior Secretary, Andrew Stallwood AS Membership Secretary, Helma Marlow HM Social Secretary, David Channon RDC Secretary

  1. Matters Arising from Last Meeting

Advertise new memberships available: Done on various noticeboards and Binfield Heath newsletter (HM) and Shiplake online news (RDC)

– Discuss with Nikki Botteril her possible input to junior coaching: Done (RR)

– Investigate improvement to lobster balls: Liaised with Tim Rose, Head Coach, decided to continue with used club balls as fluff on new ones can cause problems (AS)

– Arrange installation of coat hook racks: Done (HM)

– Investigate a suitable awning to cover external seating area: Investigating a possible suitable second hand one suggested by a member (HM)

– Send out reminder emails for first aid training, thank Tim Rose and Alastair Fisher for taking down netting, liaise with Peter Robertson re: installation of gate extension: Done (RDC)

– Hold handover meeting re: Wimbledon Ballot: Done (RDC)

  1. Status of Membership Renewals

AS reported we have 32 new members so far this year: 18 adults and 14 juniors, however 46 members have left, to give a total current membership of 288.

  1. Treasurer’s Report

CC reported balances in our accounts as follows: £11663 in the 666 account, £1171 in 160, £6096 in the deposit account and £6578 in Paypal.

Membership receipts so far this year total £22,700, compared to £18,546 for the entire 2018.

CC felt that, with the final payment to Chiltern now paid, it is likely that, barring a significant unforeseen event, we are on course to save at year end the £5400 budgeted towards the eventual re-surfacing and replacement floodlights.

HM indicated she felt that profits from the social events should be ring-fenced and it was agreed that this could be handled informally, given that our treasurer CC is aware.

  1. Consideration whether to continue membership and coaching applications from outside our traditional area

There was much discussion of alternatives. However all agreed that the financial figures are very encouraging. The general consensus was that this supports a continuation of our new policy as stated in the March 2019 minutes, i.e. to continue to consider applications from those outside the traditional catchment area (Shiplake, Binfield Heath, Harpsden, Dunsden), in addition to those from within that area, while our total membership is less than 300, but when the membership reaches this total to consider further applications only from within the traditional catchment area. This means that at present we will continue to consider any new applications from outside the traditional catchment area.

  1. Junior Matters

RR reported that junior coaching numbers continue to be healthy, with a waiting list in place for the youngest, 9-10am, group. She is concerned that we do not have a second coach at present, however our Head Coach Tim Rose continues to search for one.

  1. Social Events and Planning

HM reported that the Social Sub-Committee cancelled the second Curry Club event planned for 7th June due to insufficient support. However another is planned for September 13th when, hopefully, fewer members will be away on holidays. RDC suggested booking a restaurant as an alternative, leading to more choice and less organisational headaches. TD felt that there doesn’t need to be tennis played at every social event. HM agreed to discuss this with the social sub-committee, including other social events that don’t involve playing tennis, such as booking the ‘New Orleans’.

HM also reported that the sub-committee hopes to arrange an informal BBQ at some point this summer.

  1. Health and Safety

RDC indicated there had been only the one recorded accident since the last meeting: a member tripping while running backwards to retrieve a ball. There was no need to call an ambulance and it was felt that the court conditions were not to blame.

RDC reported that 10 members had attended the First Aid course in April. All had passed and were awarded certificates: ‘QA level 3 award in Emergency First Aid at Work (RQF). He had received only positive feedback regarding the course content and course provider.

  1. Housekeeping

HM indicated that the committee needs to find someone else to manage and replenish housekeeping items now that Di Jones has retired. It was agreed that HM would talk to Di to establish exactly what needs doing and when, then get David Bell to put out a note to all members asking for a volunteer.

  1. Purchase of a Stepladder

HM indicated we need one to access materials on the high shelf in the clubhouse. All agreed in principle, however some felt that we should ensure that the ladder purchased meets current safety requirements, in case of a future accident. RDC volunteered to look into this.

  1. AOB

The committee agreed that, on behalf of the committee, RDC should formally thank Peter Robertson for his work in arranging construction, painting and attaching the new gate extension (intended to make it more difficult for foot-ballers to climb over to retrieve footballs and damage our court surfaces with their studs).

Also thanks to Nikki Botteril for adding extensively to our First Aid Kit, to bring it up to current UK and EU guidelines.

HM pointed out that we need to find someone to take over the duties performed by Di Jones for many years, managing the housekeeping. It was agreed to append a note to all members at the end of these minutes. The committee wishes to thank Di for continuing to do this work for so long!

RDC indicated his intention to stand down at the end of 2019, after four years service, and asked other committee members to help him find a successor.

  1. Next Meeting

This was agreed as 7.30pm Tuesday 10th September in the Clubhouse.

Actions before next meeting

HM     – Arrange BBQ summer event

– Consider other events, including some not requiring tennis!

– Investigate awning alternatives

RDC    – Look into safety requirements for stepladder purchase

– Thankyou emails


Note to All Members

The committee is looking for a volunteer to take over housekeeping responsibilities at the clubhouse, carried out for so long by Di Jones. This would require a weekly visit to the clubhouse to replenish certain items. Details can be obtained from Helma Marlow at