Committee Meeting Minutes – 15th Sept 2020

Minutes of Committee Meeting – 15 September 2020

Present: Tim Dunn (TD) – Chair Charlie Calderbank (CC) – Treasurer Rachel Richardson (RR) – Junior Secretary Andy Stallwood (AS) – Membership Secretary Helma Marlow (HM) – Social Secretary Olly Bonser (OB) – Secretary Nick Wrigley (NW) – H&S Officer

1. Matters arising from the previous meeting
– Most actions had been dealt with
– H&S role to be approved as a Committee Position at the next AGM
– Shiplake College – slots had been allocated for their use and we will invoice them at the end of the year when they confirm how many courts they have used. We will need to let Sam Shaw (Shiplake College contact) about our covid processes (eg QR code, numbers in clubhouse, etc..). TD to email Sam to introduce NW who will explain the procedures.
– CC to chase Paul Bodman about the trees
– AS will spray the weeds again which should keep them at bay over the winter

2. Membership Renewal Status
– 33 new members had joined since the start of the year (13 juniors, 20 adults)
– Currently have 265 members, still down by 35 from our 300 total
– We may get a few more juniors now that the courses are about to start
– AS confirmed that we don’t offer pro rata membership, but we do offer a 6 month membership for those wishing to join during the season

3. Treasurer’s Report
– The Club currently has a surplus of £24,392 which includes: £10,815 in the sink fund; £8,367 in the main account; £2,032 in the paypal account; £2,234 in the deposit account; and £943 in the sports and social account
– This leaves the Club in a healthy financial position, despite membership numbers being down – this time last year there was £19,514 in total
– We’re spending less on balls and food/drinks, but more on H&S

4. Junior Matters
– Coaching is restarting on Saturday
– NW and RR have worked together to ensure coaching can take place regarding covid
– Class sizes have been reduced to a max of 12 per class
– Lottie Botterill will be helping Tim Rose with coaching on Saturday mornings
– Not much drop off from last time and a few new children which is good to see

5. Social Events
– No events have been planned as government restrictions were tightening and we don’t know what’s going to happen in the next few weeks/months.
– It was agreed that we should wait and see how things develop before planning anything
– Championship Day had provided a lovely social gathering (everyone present was clearly observing the restrictions in and around the clubhouse); TD met some new members who had said they had found the club very social; NW mentioned that there were several bottled drinks left over from the day – it was confirmed that these should be kept in the clubhouse left for future use

6. Current status of dispute with Neighbour
– CC commented that there had been no further developments no further communication with the neighbour’s lawyers.
– CC had emailed our solicitor suggesting that because an agreement was made several years ago, that agreement should still stand.
– No further action required at this time.

7. Health & Safety
– H&S costs had increased due to the introduction of all the measures to ensure we comply with all LTA and government guidelines and laws.
– Everything is in place and up to date, but as things change so quickly, we need to remain vigilant on any future update and respond quickly as and when required.
– It was confirmed that men’s team practice and lady’s mornings fall under “Club Sessions” so they are still permitted under LTA rules.
– Anne Manning, from the local council, had asked NW if we had a working defibrillator. NW confirmed that we do. The issue of training was discussed, about whether we should pay for people to go on a course. It was agreed that our defibrillator was simple enough to be used by people who hadn’t received any training, so there was no point sending people on a course. NW will check the battery as it’s now 2 years old. We do NOT need to register the defibrillator with the local ambulance service as it is not in a public place.
– Decking – we will keep the same decking and review next year, although there are lots of loose screws which can not be tightened as they have rusted/deteriorated to such an extent that a screwdriver can not be used. TD discussed this with Pete Robertson on Championship Day and he had a few cost effective ways to deal with the situation. In terms of the decking being slippery, NW will jet wash and see if this has any impact. Also worth considering anti-slip paint.
– The QR code system is now back working, but signs need to be posted around the club asking people to register before they play. NW to deal.

8. AOB
– OB mentioned that the club’s LTA membership was due in the next 6 weeks and that he would deal with that, but would probably need input from one or two of the committee members who had relevant info.
– AS brought up visitor payments and how these are meant to be collected. CC confirmed that the club policy was that members should write the details of any guests in the Visitors’ Book in the clubhouse and then the members would be appropriately invoiced at the end of the year. But what about in relation to coronavirus and not being allowed in the clubhouse? It was agreed that the QR code system, if used effectively, could provide a solution as members should be registering their guests as per the Club’s coronavirus procedures. NW to speak to Marcus Binning (who has access to the QR code data) about whether he could send the details of any members who brought visitors to the club to CC before they are deleted. CC could then keep the relevant details and send members an invoice for them to pay the appropriate visitor fee.
– The gate to Court 3 was in danger of falling off and causing injury. NW would speak to a contact and ask them for a quote to fix it.
– AGM – the 2020 AGM is due to take place in December. OB to sort out date and also ensure that sufficient notice/details of the AGM were distributed to the members in the correct and timely way as per the Club Constitution. TD had sent OB details from the previous year to help him plan.

9. Date of next meeting
– TBC – it would depend on the confirmed date of the AGM as we would need to have the meeting to plan and prepare for the AGM. OB to deal.


1. CC to speak to Paul Bodman about the trees
2. AS to spray the weeds
3. NW to check the defibrillator battery
4. NW to power-wash the decking
5. NW to put up some signs saying that people need to register using the QR code before they play
6. OB to renew the Club’s LTA membership
7. NW to speak to Marcus Binning about members and guests and sending relevant details to the relevant members to CC. CC to then invoice accordingly.
8. NW to speak to his contact about the gate to Court 3
9. OB to start planning for the AGM, confirm date, send out relevant notice to the membership, and confirm date for the next Committee meeting which should take place c.2 weeks prior to the AGM to allow time to plan and prepare.