Committee Meeting Minutes 20th March 2018

Shiplake Tennis and Social Club
Minutes of Committee Meeting 20h March 2018

Present: Committee Members: Tim Dunn TD Chair, Diana Jones DJ Joint Treasurer,

Q Jones QJ Joint Treasurer, David Channon RDC Secretary.

Non-Committee Members: Karen Peterson KP Membership Secretary.

Apologies: Rachel Richardson RR Junior Secretary.

  1. Matters Arising from Last Meeting

– Report to Members with proposals for Court Re-Surfacing. See below (TD)

– Draft Data Protection Policy. Done (QJ)

– Arrange for our solicitor to send letter to Mr. Evans’ solicitor re: Boundary Dispute. Done and see below (QJ)

– Investigate role of our Trustees. Carried Forward (QJ)

Pass a list of Juniors who have paid for membership to RR. Done (KP)

– Look for volunteers to run the club championships. Done (KP)

– Organise Junior Championships. Well in progress (RR)

– Arrange Defibrilator Demonstration. St. Johns Ambulance unable to meet initial preferred dates. New dates being considered (RDC)

– Look for volunteers for the vacant Social Secretary position. Efforts made but no-one identified yet.

  1. Membership Secretary Status and Future Plans, Memorial Hall Committee

KP has kindly agreed to continue to carry out this essential function until alternative arrangements can be made, however in a non-committee role.  

TD proposed that we work towards a situation where the membership data can be accessed from our website using a cloud-type storage facility. This proposal was enthusiastically agreed by the other committee members. TD agreed to research how best to do this and report back to the committee.

TD also suggested that in future the emails that Karen has been sending out advising members of events etc. be replaced by ‘pings’, i.e. short alerts to visit the website for detailed information.

KP drew attention to the negative outcome of putting the recent H&S warning in the ‘news’ section of our website as this has caused concern to some visiting teams. She proposed that we work towards creating a ‘members only’ section of the website. This also was agreed, however Q cautioned against further major expenditures on the website this year in view of other priorities.

KP indicated she preferred to resign from her position as club representative on the Memorial Hall Committee. RDC agreed to take over this role.

  1. Treasurers’ Report

QJ reported very healthy current balances on the club’s accounts: £64976 on the deposit account, £2984 on the 666 account, £39 on the 160 account and £2646 on Paypal. He said this reflects lower expenditure on socials and website than last year.

  1. Court Resurfacing

TD reported that despite his efforts there is no chance of a grant to assist with this.

Following the Sports Facility and Design Ltd. Report on the state of our courts earlier this year, DJ and QJ have obtained quotes from four contractors. These were reviewed by the committee and the favoured two will be subject to more detailed scrutiny by DJ/QJ and the committee ahead of the final decision. DJ volunteered to liaise with our Match Secretary Sheena Darke to minimise disruption to matches where possible once the time when the resurfacing will take place is known.

QJ advised how VAT can legally be avoided when paying the chosen contractor.

Our treasurers’ recommendation to commence next year a sinking fund to pay for future resurfacings was agreed.

  1. Junior Coaching

The committee is aware that this is going very well, thanks in large measure to the efforts made by RR. QJ and KP reported that she now has access to the membership database and to Paypal.       

  1. Health and Safety

RDC summarised the two serious injuries since the last meeting. It was agreed that neither of these resulted from deficiencies in the playing surface. It was agreed that RDC would put up a large and prominent notice facing the courts emphasising that members play entirely on their own authority and at their own risk.

  1. Data Protection Policy

QJ’s draft was reviewed by members earlier in the year and is now approved. TD advised this should be allocated to a secure part of our website and will advise how best to do this.

  1. Wimbledon Ballot Status

RDC advised he has trawled through the LTA members shown as affiliated to our club on the LTA website and has removed 12 people no longer members of our club, to prevent these people being allocated tickets in our draw. He also reported that the LTA has allocated 22 pairs of tickets to our club this year: one more than last year! RDC will now extract the remaining qualifying names from the LTA website. DJ and RDC will carry out the draw at the club session on 7th May.

  1. Boundary Dispute Status

QJ reported that Mr. Evans is refusing to ratify our agreement unless the Memorial Hall is involved in its approval. KP reported that this is not going to happen. It was agreed that we will adhere to the club’s position and make no further concessions.

  1. Safeguarding Report

In the absence of RR this matter is held over to the next meeting.

  1. Complaint Status

TD reviewed the actions he took following input from our previous Chair and the other committee members. All agreed this has been appropriate.

  1. AOB

RDC agreed to purchase a suitable heater to replace the recently broken one.

  1. Next Meeting

This was agreed as 7.30pm Tuesday May 15th in the Clubhouse

Actions Before Next Meeting

TD      – Research how membership and some other data can be stored in a cloud-like facility linked to our website

DJ/QJ – Advance towards contracting for court resurfacing

QJ      – Investigate role of Trustees

QJ/RDC – Run Wimbledon Ballot

RR      – Continue to arrange junior championships

RDC    – Arrange defibrilator demo.

– Attend Memorial Hall committee meetings from now on

– Place conspicuous notice regarding members H&S responsibilities

– Purchase replacement heater for clubhouse