Committee Meeting Minutes – 23rd Aug 2021

Minutes of Committee Meeting – 23 August 2021


Present: Marcus Binning (MB) – Chair, Charlie Calderbank (CC) – Treasurer,  Karen Peters (KP) – Membership Secretary, Olly Bonser (OB) – Secretary, Helma Marlow (HM) – Social Secretary, Nick Wrigley (NW) – H&S Officer

Apologies: Rachel Richardson (RR) – Junior Secretary                                                             


Matters arising from the previous meeting

  • NW to confirm that the Court 3 gate has been fixed – ongoing
  • OB and MB to finalise roles/responsibilities and email boxes – ongoing
  • OB to research LTA Advantage Membership to encourage members to join, and then send out email to all members – completed
  • OB to research court usage stats – ongoing
  • CC/MB to review of club bank accounts – ongoing
  • CC/MB to review of Shiplake College usage and invoicing – need to invoice
  • CC to research potential investment opportunities for spare funds – completed
  • RR to arrange safeguarding training for all Committee members – ongoing
  • HM to propose various social events and options in Autumn and December (possible tie in with AGM) – completed/ongoing
  • KP to speak to Richard Ormerod about ball cans – completed (RO now handling)
  • KP to speak to Memorial Hall about bins – completed – see below
  • OB to monitor clubhouse and action things as and when required – ongoing
  • OB to review LTA website re covid and draft any member communications – completed
  • MB, NW, KP to further research Clubspark as an alternative to our existing website – ongoing
  • MB to set up a “Chairman’s suggestion box” – completed (2 suggestions already)
  • KP to speak to Memorial Hall about wifi – completed (unable to use their wifi – too weak)



  • Total of 272 members
    • 166 adults
    • 100 juniors
    • 6 social members
    • 4 honorary members
  • No current membership enquiries
  • It will be proposed at the AGM in December that a joining fee should be introduced from next year for new members; the proposal will be that the joining fee would be set at one year’s annual subscription. No joining fee for juniors. 
  • Subscription fees should be increased by £5 pa, but no change if payment made early
  • The LTA suggested that a club with three courts should have 180 members, but the committee felt that 270-275 felt right, so therefore membership is now full.
  • Subscription revenue of c.£22,200 p.a.

Treasurer’s Report 

  • The Club currently has a surplus of £28,341 which includes: £16,221 in the 32-day sink fund account; £3,404 in the main account (ending 666); £7,837 in the paypal account; and £878 in the sports and social account
  • Further discussion on whether all these bank accounts were needed, and whether we should merge and close some down.
  • There are no large expenditure items expected in the near future, so the club finances are in good shape.
  • It was agreed that Marcus would be a third signatory on club expenditure; Charlie to arrange this.

Junior Matters

  • Nothing to report


Social Events 

  • Two events planned:
    • Autumn supper at the club on Friday 8 October; tennis and bring a plate; email to be sent to members promoting this.
    • Christmas Party – 10 December at Amanda Andrews’ house. Helma to meet with the sub-committee to discuss further. Club funds are available for food and/or drink. Helma to report back with options, costs and request for budget.

Current status of dispute with Neighbour

  • A letter has been drafted by our solicitor to outline our final position; this needs to be amended for various reasons and then sent to Mr Evans. Marcus and Charlie to liaise

Health & Safety

  • No new advice from LTA on covid – we’re fully compliant with current government/LTA covid guidelines
  • Advice is that we need an “event plan” for any tennis event, so Nick will create one for Championship Finals Day, based on last year. Shiplake Memorial Hall would be grateful for such a plan, as would the LTA.
  • Covid-related signage at the club is now longer required by law, but it was agreed that we should have new signs promoting responsible behaviour, health and hygiene. Nick to draft text for the signs and circulate to the committee for comments.

Clubhouse and Grounds

  • There will be a spruce up of the clubhouse and grounds on the w/e of 3 and 4 September in preparation for Finals Day. Pete Robertson has kindly volunteered to lead this.
  • There is a large array of clothing which has been left at the club. Karen will send a message to members saying that if the items aren’t claimed by 4th September, they will be disposed of. 
  • Bins: Shiplake Memorial Hall have agreed to let us use their bins for £100 pa. We must ensure we put the right items in the right bins. To do this, Marcus will order two bins for the clubhouse, one for recycling and one for general waste, which will be labelled in line with SMH bins. We will encourage members to take their food waste with them, but Helma would source a food caddy for smaller items such as tea bags. Posters will be put up in the clubhouse, and Tim Rose and the Club session organisers (via Mike Lynskey) will be asked to ensure that juniors take any food waste with them, and that any leftover food from club sessions is taken home and disposed of. Helma to speak to Mike and Tim. 
  • Helma will also to speak to the cleaner to ask if they would put the bins in the Memorial Hall bins.


  • It was agreed by the committee that the Club should transition to Clubspark, which is a web platform provided by the LTA (as part of our LTA membership), which will allow a more member friendly, committee friendly and potential member friendly website. This includes being mobile responsive, easy to manage membership renewals, easy to book courts and also find information quickly and easily – all at no extra cost to the club.
  • Other local clubs using Clubspark have been interviewed, and all provided very good feedback
  • We would need member volunteers to work on this project and get involved as there was much to do, including the review, updating and uploading of large amounts of content to review and upload.

 Championship update

  • The draw for the knock-out stages have been made, and matches are being played.
  • The championship committee have a meeting planned to finalise details of Finals Day.



  • Scoreboards – Team captains have agreed that it would be good to have on-court scoreboards. Marcus has sourced suitable boards which fix to the fence and cost £160 each. It was agreed that we should get two.
  • Club apparel – There had been a largely positive response from members regarding club-branded clothing, with several people keen to help. It was agreed that we should start with shirts and hoodies. Karen to speak to a couple of those interested in helping to move this project forward.
  • Shoetags – Do we need them? How often do people look at other peoples’ tennis shoes and challenge them if they don’t have shoetags? It was agreed that we would not have shoetags in 2022.
  • Gardening – the gardening has clearly fallen by the wayside in recent months and our gardener has not been coming to do any strimming, weeding, spraying, hedge cutting etc.. Charlie would contact Matt Bodman to see if he was still interested in the gardening role. If he is, then he, Charlie and Nick would walk around the grounds identifying what needed doing on a regular basis, and on an ad hoc basis, and he would then be asked to make us a proposal which the committee would then discuss. If Matt was no longer interested, then we would need to find an alternative gardener.
  • AGM – the date for the AGM was set for Thursday 2 December. A more engaging agenda is required to ensure greater attendance this year. This could include the website launch, launch of the new club apparel, team captains’ report, trophy giving, etc.. OB to draft an agenda and circulate to the committee. In the agenda we would also include the Committee’s proposals for the year ahead, so that if people wanted to discuss these they would know in advance and attend the meeting. The Bowls Club was suggested as a potential venue – Karen to investigate.
  • Slippery courts – the contractors visited the site with Marcus after several reports of the courts being slippery. Waiting for a report, but what we do need is a proper court maintenance programme which we need to follow each year. Marcus to ask the contractors for their advice on this matter


  1. NW to confirm that the Court 3 gate has been fixed
  2. OB and MB to finalise roles/responsibilities and email boxes
  3. OB to analyse court usage stats
  4. RR to organise safeguarding
  5. MB and CC to send letter to Mr Evans
  6. CC to issue Shiplake College with invoice
  7. MB/CC to review bank accounts and close down one or two if necessary
  8. CC to add MB as third bank account signatory
  9. HM to promote the Autumn Supper
  10. HM to plan Christmas party
  11. Nick to create event plan for Finals Day
  12. Nick to draft text for covid notices
  13. Karen to email members about lost property/clothing
  14. Marcus to order two bins for the clubhouse
  15. Karen to provide food caddy and bags
  16. Helma to contact Tim and Mike Lynskey regarding food waste
  17. Helma to speak to cleaner about putting rubbish in the SMH bins
  18. Marcus, Karen and Nick to push forward on the website project
  19. Marcus to acquire scoreboards
  20. Karen to speak to member regarding the club clothing project
  21. Charlie to contact Matt Bodman regarding the gardening
  22. OB to draft AGM agenda
  23. Marcus to speak to contractor regarding slippery courts.


Date and location of next meeting: 

  • Wednesday 20 October; The Clubhouse