Committee Meeting Minutes 30th October 2018

Shiplake Tennis and Social Club
Minutes of Committee Meeting 30th October 2018


Present: Tim Dunn TD Chair, Diana Jones DJ Joint Treasurer,

Q Jones QJ Joint Treasurer, Rachel Richardson RR Junior Secretary, David Channon RDC Secretary.

  1. Matters Arising from Last Meeting

– Sent note offering assistance to championship sub-committee. Done (TD)

– Respond to complainant. Done (TD)

– Draft note to members re: court resurfacing and alternative playing arrangements. Done (TD)

– Monitor progress of court resurfacing project, method statement, insurance etc.. Communicate effects of project to those affected. Done (DJ,QJ)

– Junior matters: arrange criminal record check for junior assistant, finalise safeguarding policies etc. Done (RR)

– Complete online re-registration with the LTA. Done (RDC)

– Obtain defibrilator and get it fitted. Apparatus purchased, housing currently being fitted by Peter Robinson, defib. will then be installed in cabinet (RDC)

– Research providers for first aid training. Done (RDC)

  1. Treasurers’ Report

QJ indicated balances: £3320 In 666 account, £39 in 160, £12093 in 068 and £439 in Paypal. He indicated that these levels reflect loss of coaching income for one month plus coaching refunds made last spring. RR agreed to maintain coaching refund record sheets in the future to aid any auditing requirements.

As regards the court resurfacing project, QJ indicated that the handover had occurred on 26th October, slightly ahead of schedule. The windbreak will be delivered and fixed in place by Chiltern within the next three weeks, complete with STSC banners and the agreed advert for Chiltern. There is a two year guarantee and Chiltern contractors have indicated that they are happy to come back for any snagging required. The width of Court 3 increased from 16.80 to 17.694m, now within LTA guidelines. Total cost of the project is £51250.80, including VAT. £44994.66 of this has been paid and the balance £6256.14 is due once the white lining and colouring are completed next spring, all else being satisfactory at that point. When the colouring (dark green within the courts and light green outside) is complete we shall have to allow five days for the paint to dry. Members will be informed. Despite standing down as treasurers at the end of this year, QJ and DJ have very kindly agreed to continue to manage this project until its completion.

It was agreed that contributions from fees towards a sinking fund will be initiated next year, to ensure that sufficient funds are available for the next resurfacing etc.. Details will be provided at the December AGM.

Proposals for next year’s fees, to be submitted to members for approval at the AGM, were discussed in great detail and finally agreed.

  1. Proposed Expenditures

Three items were discussed: decking repairs, first aid training and championship kit recommended by our Championship sub-committee. It was agreed that, given the need to retain the court resurfacing balance payable in the spring (see above), falling  membership applications and the likely increase in fees, expenditures should be kept to an absolute minimum at present, so the first aid training and championship kit expenditures were deferred for consideration next year. For the same reasons, although it was agreed that the damage to the decking might well be far in excess of what is visible at present, it was agreed only to tackle repair of the obvious damaged area at present as this represents a safety hazard. RDC agreed to obtain a quote for this.

  1. Preparation for December 4th AGM

RDC pointed out the requirements derived from our constitution in relation to notices to members, voting, nominations for committee members etc. and these were agreed. It is hoped that our newly formed social sub-committee would provide refreshments.

  1. Social Evening Status

QJ and DJ indicated what they knew of this event and suggested that a £250 sub should be provided to the committee, to be reimbursed after the event. This was agreed and it  was also agreed that any surplus funds from this event would be ring-fenced to fund further social events.

It was felt that one of the three members of the new social sub-committee should be included as a member of the management committee and that RDC should ask them for their nomination.

  1. Health and Safety

RDC indicated that there had been only one serious incident since the last meeting. Keith Greenfield had a ball hitten into his left eye socket during a club session, treated with an ice pack. It was agreed that realistically nothing could be done to prevent such rare incidents.

RDC indicated that after talking to several possible contractors he had found one he could recommend for the first aid training. Several members have already expressed an interest although the membership as a whole has not yet been circulated. However it was agreed that, as a contribution form the club is anticipated, this matter should be deferred until our finances are clearer in the new year (see above).

RDC indicated the status of installing the defibrilator: currently waiting on electrical connections to the housing. The committee is very grateful to Peter Robinson for taking on this task.

  1. Junior Matters

RR reported a successful coaching season. RR said all outstanding is to confirm whether coach Simon is returning or Alison, who has been standing in for him, will remain. In the latter case RR will obtain a copy of her DBS certificate.

  1. AOB

It was agreed that TD should write to the Wargrave chairman thanking their club for extending their facilities during our court resurfacing.

  1. Next Meeting

This was agreed as Tuesday 15th January at 7.30pm in the Clubhouse

Actions before next meeting

TD               – Prepare speech for AGM

– Write to Wargrave chairman; thanks for use of facilities

QJ/DJ          – Continue to monitor completion of resurfacing project

– Prepare speech for AGM

RDC             – Put out various notices re: the AGM

– Seek nomination for Social Secretary

– Get quote for initial decking repairs

– Prepare and install defibrilator

RR               – Arrange DBS check for junior coach

– Produce coaching refund record sheets