Committee Meeting Minutes – 3rd Nov 2020

Minutes of Committee Meeting – 3 November 2020


Tim Dunn (TD) – Chair
Charlie Calderbank (CC) –  Treasurer
Rachel Richardson (RR) – Junior Secretary
Andy Stallwood (AS) – Membership Secretary
Helma Marlow (HM) – Social Secretary
Olly Bonser (OB) – Secretary
Nick Wrigley (NW) – H&S Officer

  1. Matters arising from the previous meeting
  • Most actions had been dealt with
  • CC still to speak with Paul Bodman regarding the trees
  • AS to re-spray the weeds and also the decking
  • LTA Registration – OB still waiting for them to send the forms
  • NW to speak to Marcus Binning re data from the QR codes to establish guests and bill them accordingly. AS to speak to David Bell (web consultant) to see if members can add guest names when booking a court online.
  • NW to speak to Peter Robertson about fixing the gate on Court 3.
  1. Membership Renewal Status
  • 11 new members (4 adults and 7 juniors) have joined since the last meeting.
  • 44 new members have joined since the start of the year (20 juniors, 24 adults)
  • We currently have 276 members, comfortably below our 300 maximum local membership threshold
  1. Treasurer’s Report
  • The Club currently has a surplus of £24,538 which includes: £10,817 in the 32-day sink fund account; £6,729 in the main account; £3,814 in the paypal account; £2,234 in the deposit account; and £943 in the sports and social account
  • This leaves the Club in a healthy financial position, despite membership numbers being down
  • Official accounts completed but not yet sent to Peter Greenslade for auditing. These will hopefully be signed off prior to the AGM and will be made available and shared at the meeting
  • CC to send accounts to Peter tonight
  • AS to send CC details on number of visitors.
  1. Junior Matters
  • DBS checks currently underway for RR and Tim Rose (Club Coach)
  • RR also undertaking online safeguarding course (not needed for NW in his H&S role)
  • Tim Rose’s coaching accreditation to be renewed by 1 December 2020 – all in hand.
  1. Social Events
  • Due to current lockdown, no events are possible. It was felt that people wouldn’t want to do anything over zoom
  • HM ready and keen to start organising social events as soon as restrictions permit.
  1. Current status of dispute with Neighbour
  • No further update or correspondence for now.
  1. Health & Safety
  • Costs for H&S-related matters (eg bins, hand-dryer, sprays, wipes, signage, etc..) has totalled c.£326 which was felt to be very good value, and which has enabled the club to remain open
  • NW was in the middle of a new risk assessment, but this has now been delayed since the start of the second lockdown until further guidance/regulations are provided by the government and the LTA
  • Long discussion on Shiplake College being able to use the Courts during lockdown but members couldn’t.
    • NW confirmed that this was legally the case as set out by the government and the LTA
    • The College does provide revenue for the Club
    • This arrangement does align with our charter to be supportive of the local community
    • Sam White (Shiplake College deputy headmaster and master of tennis) would be the responsible adult present at the club when the courts were being used (4 days per week 3.30 – 4.30pm)
    • Discussion regarding them using the clubhouse for trips to the loo (should this even be allowed), and also regarding them using the floodlights – would this need an additional charge to meet the cost of the floodlights and potentially getting a cleaner in to clean after them.
    • NW to speak to Sam about this and how an additional charge might need to be levied. CC to find out what they currently pay
    • CC to speak to the LTA regarding potential insurance issues – if the club was officially closed, but was still allowing play, would this affect our insurance cover? Probably not as the LTA has said that schools can play at clubs, and the LTA are also our insurers, but CC to have this confirmed
    • NW to speak to Peter R about changing the code on the entrance gate and the clubhouse
    • The Committee felt that it was right to allow the College to use the courts as they were legally allowed to, despite the members (including juniors) not being legally allowed to.
  1. Membership and coaching fees
  • Membership fees should stay the same for 2021 – this will be proposed at the AGM.
  • Junior coaching sessions are just about breaking even, so coaching fees would be proposed at the AGM to remain the same.
  1. AGM
  • Scheduled for Tuesday 8th December
  • Due to lockdown restrictions, no chance of us having a physical event, so it will have to be held via zoom
  • OB to set up the zoom meeting
  • Will need to be managed very carefully in terms of everyone being able to be heard – possibly have all questions held until the end of each section, and with people writing in their questions in the “Chat” function. Also need to manage the “Share Screen” option very carefully. OB to investigate.
  • OB to send email to members inviting them to attend – if members want to attend, they will be asked to email OB back and ask for the link and the password.
  • At the meeting OB to note any apologies and seek approval for the 2019 Minutes (which will be emailed to those wishing to attend, and also shared on-screen); agenda to be followed after that
  • Audited accounts will be shared on screen.
  1. Recycling balls
  • Janette Verrall used to gather the used balls and dispose of them via Recycaball Ltd, which pay us for the balls and they then recycle the balls into other products
  • Jeanette has been doing this for a number of years and would like to hand this over to somebody else
  • Matt Thomas recently asked for old balls to be given to a charity called “Cricket Without Boundaries” – could our old balls all go to this charity?
  • NW to speak to Matt to see if he’d like to take ownership of the used club balls so he can send as many as he likes to Cricket Without Boundaries, and then be the new contact for Recycaball.
  1. AOB
  • AS had noticed that it is possible for someone to join the club on the website without having any contact with anyone at the club (eg AS as membership Secretary); there are a few issues with this, so AS will speak to David Bell and see if this loophole can be closed on the website
  • AS and CC also noticed that some people seem to pay for membership twice by mistake, and then providing refunds is time consuming and costs us money. CC will look into this further, but we may need to deduct the amount that the club is charged from the refunded amount.



  1. CC to speak to Paul Bodman about the trees
  2. AS to spray the weeds and decking
  3. OB to renew the Club’s LTA membership when the time comes
  4. NW to speak to Marcus Binning about members and guests and sending relevant details to the relevant members to CC.
  5. AS to speak to David Bell about whether people can add guest names when booking a court
  6. NW to speak to Peter Robertson about the gate to Court 3
  7. OB to continue planning for the AGM
  8. CC to send accounts to Peter Greenslade so they can be audited
  9. AS to send CC details of guests so far this year so they can be invoiced
  10. NW to speak to Sam White (Shiplake College) about their use of the courts, clubhouse and floodlights
  11. CC to speak to LTA about insurance while closed but allowing Shiplake College to play
  12. CC to find out what Shiplake College currently pays for the use of the courts
  13. NW to speak to Peter Robertson about changing the codes
  14. NW to speak to Matt Thomas about used balls
  15. AS to speak to David Bell about online joining process
  16. CC to look into the double payment issue

Date of next meeting:  

  • Tuesday 12 January 2021 at 7.30pm
  • Location TBC