Committee Meeting Minutes – 4th Feb 2020

Minutes of Committee Meeting – 4 February 2020

Present: Tim Dunn (TD) Chair, Charlie Calderbank (CC) Treasurer, Rachel Richardson (RR) Junior Secretary, Andy Stallwood (AS) Membership Secretary, Helma Marlow (HM) Social Secretary, Olly Bonser (OB) Secretary

1. Matters arising from the previous meeting
– Almost all actions have been taken since the last Committee Meeting; the one outstanding action relates to the safety of the gate to Court 3. OB to pick this up with David Channon (previous Secretary)

2. Membership Renewal Status
– We are currently waiting for 79 members to renew (27 adults and 52 juniors). The deadline has now passed; however, the renewals were at a similar level this time last year.
– AS agreed to send an email to those who have not yet renewed asking them to confirm whether they intend to renew or not; we do currently have a waiting list so this will be made available to the relevant number of people at the top of the waiting list, should those members not renew by 14 February (see Point 3 under Social Events for further information).
– It was agreed that we would create a new membership category, that of full-time student over the age of 18 (we currently have several “Juniors” in their early/mid-twenties). Fees would be the same as for a Junior, but anyone over the age of 18 and not in full time education would be deemed as an Adult member and therefore be required to pay the relevant subscription fee from next year onwards.
– AS would ask David Bell (website manager) to add this category on the website for next year’s renewals; it was agreed that the differentiation would need to be made very clear on the website.

3. Treasurer’s Report
– The Club currently has a surplus of £31,675.80. This includes £10,800.44 which is the “sink” fund. This is something the LTA recommends all clubs have so that they can pay for large future expenses such as courts, lights, fencing, etc. We have been advised by the LTA, for a Club of our size, to put £5,400 into this 32-day notice account every year.

4. Junior Matters
– The junior coaching numbers are down on previous years – there are currently 42 juniors enrolled on the coaching programme, down from a peak of 60.
– Coach Tim Rose had found a support coach for Saturday mornings, but due to the low numbers, she has not started.

5. Social Events
– The club sessions rota will start this year on 30 March, and that first session will be a social occasion with HM and others hosting a special event. HM will ask David Bell (website manager) to communicate this to the members.
– A BBQ at the Club will be held on 19 April to co-incide with the Wimbledon draw for members; the Committee will provide salad, while members will need to provide anything they want cooked on the BBQ.
– It was decided that only members who had renewed their membership by the final opt-in date on the LTA website (14 February) will be eligible to be entered into the draw. If people opt-in to the draw but have NOT renewed, then they will NOT be entered into the draw at the Club. AS will liaise with the Club’s Ballot organiser prior to the draw being made on 19 April to confirm who will be eligible to be included in the draw.
– A potential American style tournament was discussed where two people from the same families would be able to join forces as a doubles team to take on a pairing from different families in a one-day social tournament. We would need to work out how this might work in practice, but HM would ask David Bell to send a message to members asking if there would be any interest in this type of format.
– Some members had mentioned that they didn’t receive any “social” emails from the club and that these were potentially going into spam boxes and going unnoticed/unread. Potential work-arounds included putting notices up in the clubhouse for members to check their spam boxes and agree to receiving emails from that email address; also mentioned was promoting any events on the noticeboards and/or in the clubhouse windows. TD to ask David Bell if there is anything he can do at the back-end which would allow all emails to bypass spam boxes.

6. Current status of dispute with Neighbour
– There was a lengthy description of the current dispute with an individual whose property backs on to the tennis club.
– Several letters have gone back and forth between solicitors, but the latest is that we are expecting a reply from the neighbour which will articulate clearly what his exact concerns are. Once we receive this letter, we will be in a better position to determine the best way to deal with the specific issues.

7. Filled and vacant STFC roles
– Senior Championship: Marcus and Katie Binning, Karen Peters, Nick Wrigley and Peter Robertson
– Junior Championship: Tom Cary
– Match Secretaries: Richard Ormorod (summer leagues); Amanda Andrews (winter leagues)
– Wimbledon Ballot: Amanda Andrews
– H&S Officer: Paul Shienfeld
– LTA Registration: Olly Bonser
– Memorial Hall Liaison: TBC; OB will contact them to find out exactly what is required of this role (if any) and then report back.

8. Health & Safety
– No accidents had been reported in the Incident Book
– The defibrillator (AED) is being regularly checked and is showing full battery power
– Marcus Binning had reported that he had slipped on the decking outside the clubhouse. AS had since sprayed the decking with hard surface biocide and will check to see if this improves things. If not, we will consider using more grip strips.
– AED training as provided to several members last April, but the Committee agreed that we should find other volunteers to be trained; this could include full first aid training as well as the AED, paid for by the Club.
– It was agreed that we should see if a short video is available of how to use the AED, and the link circulated to members. OB/Paul Shienfeld to check with the AED supplier.

9. AOB
– Housekeeping
Essential items were not being replenished (eg loo roll), so it was agreed that HM would speak to one of the members who might be happy to buy these items on a regular basis (eg loo roll, coffee, tea, fairy liquid, cleaning products, etc).

– Adult coaching
This topic was discussed as it didn’t feel that there was much adult coaching going on, whether for individuals, for teams, small groups, etc. OB to speak to Tim Rose about the possibility of creating an adult coaching programme, should there be sufficient demand among the members.

– Championship dates
TD would speak to the organising group to check on dates etc. and to see how things were progressing.

– Website
OB raised various issues with the website that could be updated. OB to speak to various individuals to see if these could happen via David Bell.

Date of Next Meeting – 21 April at 7.30pm