Committee Meeting Minutes 7th August 2018

Shiplake Tennis and Social Club
Minutes of Committee Meeting 7th August 2018


Present: Tim Dunn TD Chair, Diana Jones DJ Joint Treasurer,

Q Jones QJ Joint Treasurer, Rachel Richardson RR Junior Secretary, David Channon RDC Secretary.

  1. Matters Arising from Last Meeting

– Announce details of planned court resurfacing works to members. Done (TD)

– Approach Sheena Darke to arrange use of Wargrave courts if possible while ours are being re-surfaced. Done (DJ)

– Finalise contract with resurfacing contractor. Done (QJ)

– Finalise Data Protection Policy. Done (QJ)

– Investigate role of Trustees. Carried Forward (QJ)

– Prepare Diversity and Inclusion Policy. Done and see below (RR)

– Approach Memorial Hall Committee for their agreement to the resurfacing works and keep them informed re: boundary dispute status. Done (RDC)

– Identify alternative provider for defibrillator demonstration. Done and see below (RDC)

  1. Treasurers’ Report

QJ reported balances of £2242 in the 666 account, £39 in the 160 account, £60,085 in the 068 account and £428 in the PayPal account. He indicated he was happy there were sufficient funds to carry us through the court resurfacing, with a modest cushion for unexpected expenses.

  1. Court Resurfacing Status

QJ/DJ reported a site meeting with the chairman of the Memorial Hall Committee, two contractor representatives and RDC at which the contractor enumerated details of their logistic requirements. These were discussed in some detail and agreed by the Mem. Hall Committee chairman. A secure compound for equipment, materials, portaloos etc. will be set up covering four parking spaces. A pathway from this to courtside will be fenced off for the contractor’s use during day times.

QJ has requested a method statement from the contractor and that they ensure the club is shown on their insurance as a loss payee.

QJ agreed to communicate the October closure of the courts with his existing Shiplake College contact. He will also arrange for the contractor to draft a drop letter to neighbours and the junior school informing them of the scope of the works and the additional traffic expected. This will be distributed shortly before the works commence.

It was agreed that members will be reminded of the October court closures and the Wargrave arrangements following the championships in September. TD will draft the note.

QJ suggested that the contractor’s progress, especially in relation to court 3, should be photographed at all approval stages. DJ and QJ will inform other committee members of these in advance so they have the opportunity to attend. TD suggested these photos should be posted on the website and this was agreed.

  1. Preparation for Championship Finals

RDC pointed out that these will be the same day as the adjacent ‘Party in the Park’. This was discussed, however it was felt that at this stage we have no choice but to go ahead as many members have reserved the date etc.. It was felt that members could be expected to park along Memorial Avenue where necessary in a responsible manner and no note to members on this aspect is necessary.

The arrangements for the Finals are in the hands of a sub-committee this year, headed by Howard Poll. However TD agreed to Howard asking if he/they needed any help from the committee.

  1. Junior Matters

Coaching: RR pointed out that one young lady needs a criminal record check and a note  will be sent to the parents concerned. Otherwise the coaching has gone very well.

Junior Championships: RR reported that these are proceeding well. She will liaise with Tim Rose re: presentations. RR suggested that photos of the winners should be put on the noticeboard and website. She will contact parents’ for their consent beforehand.

LTA Safeguarding Requirements: RR presented several policies adapted from the LTA templates for our club’s use: Diversity and Inclusion Policy, Safeguarding Policy and Whistleblowing Policy. RR’s drafts were agreed by the committee following very few suggested amendments.

  1. Health and Safety Report

RDC reported the two injuries that had occurred since the last meeting. Both occurred in damp conditions, one by slipping on white lines. These were discussed. TD pointed out that the new surfaces to be installed in October would be more absorbent, which should reduce this problem.

As regards the defibrilator, RDC arranged a demonstration of the apparatus by WEL Medical on July 15, attended by about a dozen of our members. This resulted in a committee decision to purchase our own apparatus. RDC reported that after considering various options relating to housing of the apparatus, an order had been placed through the LTA subsidised scheme for an apparatus enclosed in a weatherproof case. It was agreed that this would be placed on the exterior wall of the clubhouse, hard wired in to our mains supply.

At the demonstration it was noted that we have no trained first aiders in our membership, or at least we are not aware of any. RDC felt that we should seek to train some of our members if a suitable training agency can be found and this was agreed. DJ will check a contact she has in this field and RDC will contact St. John’s Ambulance Service. It was agreed that, once we are aware of the training possibilities, we would seek volunteers to form a group for training, in our clubhouse if possible.

  1. Complaint

A member’s complaint was discussed in detail. It was decided that TD would respond on behalf of the club.

  1. AOB

There was none.

  1. Next Meeting

This was agreed as 7.30pm Tuesday 13th November in the clubhouse.


Actions before next meeting


– Send a note to the championship sub-committee offering assistance from the committee if needed

– Respond to complaint

– Draft a note to members late September re: the court resurfacing and alternative playing arrangements


– Monitor progress of court resurfacing project, including obtaining a method statement from the contractor and ensuring we are shown on their insurance

– Communicate the effects of this project to Shiplake College, neighbours and the local school


– Arrange criminal record check for junior assistant

– Finalise new safeguarding policies, place on noticeboard/folder in clubhouse and ensure inclusion on website

– Arrange for photos of winners of junior championships. Obtain parental approval. Place on noticeboard and website


– Obtain defibrillator and get it fitted


– Research providers for first aid training.