Committee Meeting Minutes – 7th July 2020

Minutes of Committee Meeting – 7 July 2020

Present: Tim Dunn (TD) Chair; Charlie Calderbank (CC) Treasurer; Rachel Richardson (RR) Junior Secretary; Andy Stallwood (AS) Membership Secretary; Helma Marlow (HM) Social Secretary, Olly Bonser (OB) Secretary

  1. Matters arising from the previous meeting
  • No matters arising from the previous minutes – all actions had either been completed or would be covered later in the meeting
  1. COVID-19 situation
  • It was agreed that Nick Wrigley, the Club’s new Health & Safety Officer would be heavily involved in all coronavirus related activities and decisions going forward.
  • Nick had been very pro-active and already sent a list of questions and potential actions, one of which related to the opening of the clubhouse.
  • A long discussion took place about the logistics involved in re-opening the clubhouse and how we could ensure the safety and wellbeing of all our members and those who entered the clubhouse if and when it was to reopen.
  • These discussions included a review of the most recent LTA guidelines on safely re-opening premises, maintaining hygiene standards at all times, and implementing systems and procedures.
  • Options might include: closing off the kitchen area; members only able to use the loo, with instructions to be followed on wiping down all services; only using the outside tap to fill water bottles, etc..
  • It was also agreed that if the clubhouse was to re-open, and the correct procedures were made clear to all members, and members were not adhering to the procedures, then the clubhouse would have to be closed again.
  • It was agreed that TD would speak to Nick about the concerns of the Committee and how these could be addressed to everyone’s complete satisfaction.
  • Concerns had also been expressed by a couple of members about playing tennis with people who had recently returned from overseas and had not self-isolated (despite this no longer being required by the UK government). The Committee felt that, as long as members and the club were adhering to the latest government guidelines, then this was acceptable. If people felt worried and had concerns about playing under those circumstances, then it was their personal decision whether to play or not.
  1. Formal complaint
  • A formal complaint had been lodged with the Committee which related to the on-court behaviour of one of the Club’s members.
  • This was discussed and is now being followed up accordingly.
  1. Membership Renewal Status
  • 12 new members had joined since the last Committee meeting, taking the total number of new members this year to 26.
  • We now have 266 members, done on last year’s figure by c.45.
  • It was agreed that there was no need to have a membership drive, but to wait until later this year to see what the coronavirus situation was. This will be reviewed at the next Committee meeting.
  1. Treasurer’s Report
  • The Club currently has a surplus of £27,545, which includes £10,813 in the sink fund, £4,402 in the main account and £8,012 in the paypal account
  • This leaves the Club in a healthy financial position, despite membership numbers being down
  1. Junior Matters
  • Nothing to report
  1. Social Events
  • One suggestion for a social event was for people to book tables at the Bottle & Glass pub in Binfield Heath one Friday evening after tennis. The B&G have set up a large tented outdoor area with tables of up to 6 people on each.
  • HM said she would look to promote this and organise accordingly
  • The Club is also looking at organising some kind of event on Championship Day
  1. Current status of dispute with Neighbour
  • We had received a list of demands from the neighbour which we were trying to meet
  • There are other issues regarding the boundary and a fence issue, but these need to be resolved with the Memorial Hall as the freeholder of the land.
  1. Health & Safety
  • Nick Wrigley has volunteered to take on the role of H&S Officer, which was greatly appreciated, and he has already shown a very thorough and pro-active approach.
  • Nick will be working with TD to identify how the clubhouse could be safely re-opened and a proposal will be made to the Committee with a budget request.
  • It was agreed that in light of the ongoing coronavirus situation, the role took on even more importance, and the role should be made into a Committee position. TD will check the constitution and ensure that this can indeed happen.
  • No H&S incidents had been reported.
  1. Secretary position
  • Olly Bonser has agreed to stay on in the role of Secretary, but only in a traditional secretarial role (ie planning and co-ordinating the Committee and AGM meetings, taking notes and producing the Minutes)
  • He will review other aspects of the role and consider how these can still be completed – for example LTA liaison.
  1. Chairman position
  • Marcus Binning has kindly accepted the nomination of himself for the Chairman’s position subject to AGM election in December 2020.
  1. Housekeeping
  • HM said she would speak to a couple of cleaners she knows and would ask if they would be prepared to do a “deep clean” in preparation for when the clubhouse might re-open and then clean for 1 hr per week, plus an extra half hour to buy supplies as and when required. This would need to link in with any cleaning materials required in relation to coronavirus (eg anti-bac wipes, etc..) which Nick Wrigley would be proposing as part of his aim of re-opening the clubhouse.
  • HM will also look at electric hand dryers (c.£100-150) for the loo and then speak to Matt Thomas (Maintenance Officer) to see if he knew an electrician who could purchase the dryer and then fit it for us.
  1. Club Championship
  • Being dealt with by Karen et al
  1. Shiplake College
  • Invoice for Spring term has gone out and awaiting payment. With reference to future use, TD has asked for proposed dates from Sam Shaw (the tennis teacher there) and has said we are happy to accommodate them, subject to final agreement of times.
  1. AOB
  • HM had two comments from members. Firstly, there are weeds around the court fences, which would be best dealt with. Also, the trees around court 3 are getting too tall and perhaps we should look for a tree surgeon. CC to ask Paul Bodman, who does some garden maintenance, in the first instance.
  • Also, members have said it would be useful to have court numbers displayed to make it easy to tell which court is which. HM to order some signs.
  • Finally, CC mentioned it would be sensible to send out an e-mail to members mentioning that as the clubhouse has been shut, could they keep a tally of visitors and enter them into the visitors’ book per standard process, once it is possible to do so.
  1. Date of next meeting
  • 8th September 2020 proposed, subject to final agreement as some were without diaries.


  1. TD to liaise with Nick Wrigley regarding H&S concerns and proposals to re-open the clubhouse
  2. TD to handle the formal complaint
  3. HM to finalise and promote a Friday evening at the Bottle & Glass
  4. TD to check the constitution to make the H&S Officer role a Committee position
  5. OB to review how other aspects of the Secretary’s role could be managed
  6. HM to find a suitable cleaner
  7. HM to identify a suitable electric hand-dryer and liaise with Matt Thomas on getting this fitted.
  8. TD to stay in contact with Sam Shaw at Shiplake College regarding dates
  9. CC to speak to Paul Bodman about cutting the trees around Court 3
  10. AS to deal with the weeds
  11. HM to order court number signs