Committee Meeting Minutes – 8th July 2021

Minutes of Committee Meeting – 8 July 2021


Present: Marcus Binning (MB) – Chair,  Charlie Calderbank (CC) – Treasurer,  Rachel Richardson (RR) – Junior Secretary, Karen Peters (KP) – Membership Secretary, Olly Bonser (OB) – Secretary

Apologies: Helma Marlow (HM) – Social Secretary, Nick Wrigley (NW) – H&S Officer

  1. Matters arising from the previous meeting
  • NW to confirm that the Court 3 gate has been fixed
  • OB and MB to finalise roles/responsibilities and email boxes
  • MB/CC to send letter to Mr Evans regarding the boundary dispute
  • OB to research LTA Advantage Membership to encourage members to join, and then send out email to all members*
  • OB to research court usage stats

* Discussion held regarding LTA Advantage Membership and the Wimbledon Ballot – if people were members of the club and NOT members of the LTA Membership scheme, they would be ineligible to be entered into the Wimbledon Ballot

* The Committee also confirmed that it would be checking LTA Membership before the Ballot took place, as we are not allowed to provide tickets to non-LTA Members

  1. Membership
  • Total of 266 members
    • 163 adults
    • 93 juniors
    • 6 social members
    • 4 honorary members
  • 3 potential members wanting to join
  • 6-month memberships or pro rata memberships are not permitted
  • At what point do we close membership? KP to contact the LTA and ask for their recommendations for a 3-court club
  • It will be proposed at the AGM in December that a joining fee should be introduced from next year for new members; the proposal will be that the joining fee would be set at one year’s annual subscription. No joining fee for juniors.
  1. Treasurer’s Report
  • As of 8 July 2021, the Club currently has a surplus of £35,081 which includes: £16,220 in the 32-day sink fund account; £10,177 in the main account (ending 666); £7,806 in the paypal account; and £878 in the sports and social account
  • Discussion held about what we should do with these additional funds, and should they be invested in long term secure bonds. This would mean that we wouldn’t be able to access the money quickly if we needed it. CC to investigate other potential investment opportunities
  • Also discussed were the amount of bank accounts we had, some of which had virtually no money in, so was it worth keeping them. It was agreed that an accounts review was necessary. CC and MB to action
  • It was agreed that we had enough funds to host a large event of some kind, possibly a Christmas event – see social events section below
  • Possible invoice needed to be sent to Shiplake College for use of the courts. Marcus and Charlie to establish when the last invoice was sent, and how many hours they had booked since then (they pay regardless of whether the courts were actually used or not); invoice then to be raised and sent to the College.
  1. Junior Matters
  • More juniors have been signing up for coaching
  • Tim Rose (Club Coach) is hosting tennis camps, starting soon
  • Mandatory safeguarding training is required for all Committee members – RR to arrange this.
  1. Social Events
  • In Helma’s absence, we discussed the option of organising a large event in December and possibly tying it in with the AGM to make the AGM more fun and engaging and encourage more people to attend
  • In addition, one of the members had offered their house as a potential venue for a December event
  • Also considered was an event in the Autumn, maybe around Finals Day (12 Sept)
  • Is there anything else we need to do to the clubhouse and grounds to tidy it up for any future events (eg BBQ and drinks)
  • Further discussions required with Helma on this.
  1. Clubhouse and Grounds
  • Rubbish and bins situation needs to be sorted out
  • Karen will also speak to the Memorial Hall to see if we can use their large bins, and whether there might be a fee for this
  • The three green crates just outside the clubhouse doors get used for general waste, ball tubes and rubbish. These crates need to be cleared out and removed from the premises, but what should we do about the tennis ball tubes? Karen will speak to Richard Ormorod to discuss how we can deal with empty ball cans
  • Once the green crates have been removed, the ball recycling bin (currently inside the clubhouse) will be moved to where the crates are currently situated
  • The new loo seat is firmly in place, but what else needs to be fixed/repaired/removed from the clubhouse? Some tiles have fallen off the wall which need replacing
  • OB volunteered to oversee the clubhouse going forward.
  1. Current status of dispute with Neighbour
  • We have previously written to Mr Evans’ lawyer saying we won’t engage any further on the boundary dispute as that is not for our involvement (we are the tenants of Memorial Hall, so have nothing to do with the boundary), so we shouldn’t receive any more correspondence from him/his lawyer on that matter
  • With regards to the nuisance claim, we have agreed that we would put up a screen; however, Mr Evans wants a screen covering the entire back fence, but this would cause the fence to collapse in any strong winds. We will suggest putting up a smaller screen, using scaffold poles and hessian netting. We can wait until later in the summer /autumn before we need to do this.
  1. Health & Safety
  • We’re fully compliant with current government/LTA covid guidelines
  • We will need to review the LTA guidelines as we approach 17 July (when the majority of covid-related restrictions are removed in England)
  • OB to review the LTA website and make any announcements as and when required.
  1. Website
  • “Clubspark” (the LTA website system) could provide large savings from our existing set-up, so it will be researched further by Marcus, Nick and Karen
  • Also to be considered is a change to our domain name
  • We could also consider designing creating and selling club merchandise.
  1. Championship update
  • 44 matches have currently been played, but quite a few still remaining
  • The format will be under review for next year, and we will ask members what their preferred format would be.
  1. AOB
  • Gardening – the grass just inside the entrance to the club grounds hadn’t been cut for ages, so Marcus did it himself, despite us paying a gardener. CC to look into when he comes and what he does. Do we need a schedule of club grounds maintenance (eg weed killing, regular inspections etc..) – to be discussed next time
  • Succession planning – Charlie and Helma are both stepping down from their respective roles at the end of this year, so we need to start thinking about who would/could take over their roles
  • Chairman’s suggestion box – it was agreed that Marcus should set up an electronic suggestions box, which could be filled in either anonymously, or providing names so that the relevant committee member could respond and engage with the suggestion, either directly, or following discussions with other Committee members if required
  • Wifi – Karen will ask the Memorial Hall if they would be happy for members visiting the tennis club to use the Memorial Hall wifi
  • Fees for 2022 – it will be proposed at the AGM that subscriptions will be increased by just £5 for adult members, although the early bird rate would remain at the 2021 level.


  1. NW to confirm that the Court 3 gate has been fixed
  2. OB and MB to finalise roles/responsibilities and email boxes
  3. OB to research LTA Advantage Membership to encourage members to join, and then send out email to all members
  4. OB to research court usage stats
  5. CC/MB to review of club bank accounts
  6. CC/MB to review of Shiplake College usage and invoicing
  7. CC to research potential investment opportunities for spare funds
  8. RR to arrange safeguarding training for all Committee members
  9. HM to propose various social events and options in Autumn and December (possible tie in with AGM)
  10. KP to speak to Richard Ormerod about ball cans
  11. KP to speak to Memorial Hall about bins
  12. OB to monitor clubhouse and action things as and when required
  13. OB to review LTA website re covid and draft any member communications
  14. MB, NW, KP to further research Clubspark as an alternative to our existing website
  15. MB to set up a “Chairman’s suggestion box”
  16. KP to speak to Memorial Hall about wifi

Date and location of next meeting:

  • Thursday 24 August; The Clubhouse