COVID-19 Update: LTA Player Guidelines For Return to Restricted Play

Dear Member,

Yesterday the LTA provided more detail instruction on what players and venues should do to support the playing of Tennis at clubs.

  • Please note that anyone playing tennis must:
  • Players should wash their hands at home then sanitise them just before they touch the entry key pad or go onto the Club premises if the gate is open, they should not touch their face on court, they must then sanitise hands immediately after they leave the Club premises.
  • Players must leave the court area at least 5 minutes before the end of their booking so the next users can enter without meeting them.
  • Players must initial their own tennis balls, only use these and only return balls to the next court by using their racquet or feet
  • Players should refrain from changing ends between games and sets.
  • Nets have been set at the correct height and must be left up.
  • The Clubhouse will need to remain closed in the short term, whilst we put in place the measure necessary for the club to meet the new guidance.

For the full set of LTA player guidelines see the link below—covid-19.pdf

Thank you for your support and enjoy your tennis.

Tim Dunn
Shiplake Tennis and Social Club