Health and Safety at Shiplake Tennis and Social Club

The Club is committed to providing the safest facilities and playing experience possible for our Members and their Guests.

To this end we have produced a Health and Safety Policy and a Risk Assessment, following Health and Safety Executive guidelines. These are reviewed and updated regularly; please see below for the latest versions.

An incident report is completed every time there is an accident at the Club, so we can learn from these unfortunate experiences.

The Club’s Committee believes it is essential to involve its members as much as possible in formulating the Policy and Risk Assessment and especially in providing feedback and ideas for improvement.

If you are already a member you are encouraged to contact the Club’s Health and Safety Officer should you have any such ideas or concerns:

Health and Safety Officer:
Nick Wrigley – hsofficer[at]

If something at the Club is broken and needs maintenance (whether H&S related or not) please send a detailed email to:

Club Maintenance Officer:
Matthew Thomas – matthew[at]