Minutes of AGM – 1st Dec 2020

Minutes of AGM – 1 December 2020
Held via zoom

Committee Members in attendance
Tim Dunn (TD) – Chair; Charlie Calderbank (CC) – Treasurer;  Rachel Richardson (RR) – Junior Secretary; Andy Stallwood (AS) – Membership Secretary; Helma Marlow (HM) – Social Secretary; Olly Bonser (OB) – Secretary; Nick Wrigley (NW) – H&S Officer

Other Members in attendance
Richard Ormerod; Lynn Atkinson; Marcus Binning; Katie Binning; John Church; Karen Peters; Diana Jones; Q Jones; Mike Lynskey; Brenda Nearchou; Sandra Greenslade; Tim Verran; Peter Robertson; Jon Harris; Tim Rose; Jenny Berger.

Sheena Darke; David Channon

1. Matters arising from the 2019 AGM meeting
– Most actions had been dealt with
– 2019 Minutes approved

2. Chairman’s report – Tim Dunn reported a follows:


As we’re all aware, the club has had to manage the impact of Covid-19 on our membership and operations. Our over-riding consideration has been the wellbeing and health of our members. This has meant balancing the health benefits of keeping the club facilities as accessible as possible, with the potential risk of Covid-19 transmission.

Covid-19 has had an impact our annual membership, finances, team matches, social activities and organized club sessions. All of which we’ll cover in this AGM.

That said, I believe we have mitigated the impact pretty successfully with a huge thanks to my committee colleagues and other contributors to our various plans and initiatives.

We have also instigated a dedicated role of Health and Safety Officer, which Nick agreed to take on earlier this year. Nick will report on the Health and Safety measures and Covid-19 plans in more detail in a while, but his contribution has been phenomenal and absolutely critical to the running of the club this year.


As of the last committee meeting in November our membership was at 276


Obviously Covid-19 had a major impact on the team fixtures this year both for the Summer and Winter leagues.

Report for Ladies A teams Winter and Summer

The Berkshire A Ladies had a great season last year and managed to play all of our games before Lockdown came in to play.

They were in Division 5 which was a very high standard of tennis. With some great players on board, and battling really hard, they had some fantastic matches. Unfortunately, they didn’t quite keep out of the Bottom 3, so this season will be in Division 6, which will still be a great standard of tennis offering and opportunity for more won matches.

Sharon would like to thank her squad : Nikki, Clare, Karen, Caroline, Lottie, Meg, Joanne, Julia, Tina, Helma, Lorna, Georgie Leach, Amanda, Cosima, and Katie for a great season.

The Oxfordshire Summer league (April to September) did not even start so we will remain in Division 4 out of 9 division for the 2021 Summer season.

Report for Shiplake Ladies B team (Winter)

The Oxfordshire Winter ladies’ season (2019/20) did get completed with one match being played in late August. The B team finished mid position in division 4, out of 6 divisions, in the league. They are hoping this season’s (2020/21) matches will once the LTA give the all clear. So far, they’ve played two matches, and won both so that is a great start.

Report for Shiplake Mens’ B-Team (Winter 19/20)

The Men’s B-team managed to finish all the Winter 19/20 matches before lockdown#1 started having played the last match in mid-March-20, and they finished in a comfortable mid-table position.
Twelve people played for the team during the season. Big shout out to the bedrock pairing of Oli + Marcus who topped the player stats tables.

The Summer season was cancelled.

Men’s B-team Winter 20/21 started well with good weather, all matches played on the arranged day.
Shrewd captaincy and 10 strong players has meant they go into the lockdown#2 in third place.
The team waved a sad goodbye to the stalwart of the B-Team Andy Waiton, but managed a father + son pairing with Jack also playing for the last match. A fairytale ending was shattered by coming up against incredibly strong opponents – but fun was had by all.

Men’s Match Practice – Thursday evenings and Ladies Match Practice – Monday evenings are continuing to be a useful feature in team tennis at Shiplake and the ladies managed to continue practice through the summer on a Tuesday evening.

Any member interested in playing team tennis, please get in touch with:

Men – Richard Ormerod – richard.ormerod@googlemail.com

Ladies – Amanda Andrews – amandaandrews@waitrose.com


I would like to thank the following people for their ongoing and tireless support of the club.

Club Championship
Firstly, the Championships this year, which I think we would all agree were an incredibly successful this year under extremely challenging conditions.

• Thanks to the committee – Marcus and Katie Binning, Karen Peters, Peter Robertson, Nick Wrigley and Tom Cary for the Juniors, for their massive efforts in organising the Championships in a revised format. Thanks also to Tim Rose for his support and overall involvement both prior to and on the day itself.

• Special thanks to Q & Diana for their organising of the players, updating the results board, and for monitoring/managing crowd numbers.

• Andy for a great clean up job especially on the passage for the kids’ entrance with hedge trimming and getting rid of the hundreds of acorns.

• Sharon Hearn for a wonderful job on the sandwiches, along with Brenda, Julia and Diana and Katie for making some superb cakes.

Other thank yous:

  • Richard Ormerod – for the supply and distribution of club and match balls and captaining the Men’s B team
  • Mike Lynskey – for the club session rota
  • Matt and Peter – for the premises’ maintenance
  • Janette Verrall for dealing with ball recycling
  • Tina Dalzell for looking after the plants and maintaining the tubs

Our team Captains:

  • Clare Pelling with Nikki Botteril, Captains of the Ladies A Team
  • Janette Verrall – Captain of the B Team and the Ladies summer Oxfordshire team and
  • Sheena Darke and Amanda Andrews – Captain of the Ladies C Team
  • Tina Verran – Ladies Berkshire summer league Captain
  • Tina Verran and Sharon Hearn – The Berkshire winter league Captains
  • Tim Rose – Captain of the Mens’ A team

Peter Greenslade – for auditing our annual accounts.

We’re also saying goodbye to Andy Stallwood in his Membership secretary role, so big thanks to him for taking on the role for almost three years.

And finally..

As this is my last AGM as Chairman, and I would like to personally thank everyone for their support through my tenure in the role. Particularly my fellow committee members most of whom stepped up to their roles in a leap of faith, not knowing what they were getting themselves into!

We’ve had some big items on our agenda such as the court resurfacing, GDPR and Covid-19. Everyone involved has done an excellent job of seeing those projects through.

3. Treasurer’s Report – Charlie shared the audited accounts and reported as follows:

  • It’s obviously been a very unusual year, and there has been a drop in subscription revenue of c.£7k.
  • The Club shut in March which would normally be the time of year to sign up new members
  • We are assuming that this is a temporary situation and that things will get back to normal in 2021.
  • Overall operational costs for the club have fallen
  • The longstanding legal issue with one of our neighbours continues to rumble on, and we have spent c.£2.5k on legal fees, although we may be able to claim some of this back if things come to a conclusion soon.
  • Overall the cash balance is up, allowing us to meet the sink fund requirements.
  • If we return to the membership subscription levels to last year, we’ll definitely have a surplus again next year when we may need some work to the facilities.
  • Linking fee increases to inflation was discussed, but overall it was felt that this could tie the hands of future treasurers which might not be helpful at all. For example, if inflation is low we could easily fall behind with the membership revenue and it would then be hard to implement a significant increase if needed. It was agreed that we should review this idea again next year. CC also stated that we’d had quite a large increase recently, so we wouldn’t want to do this again in the next 2-3 years.
  • CC stated that he had written to HMRC to say that the Club was dormant for capital gains tax purposes
  • A question was asked about the big difference in coaching revenues/costs. RR commented that because the numbers being coached had gone down, we only needed one coach to do the coaching. So even though coaching revenues were down, the costs of coaching were significantly lower, so this made the coaching more profitable.
  • CC also mentioned that the LTA had refunded the £300 LTA membership fee due to the Club being closed for so long.


4. Health & Safety – report from Nick Wrigley, H&S Officer:

  • Since taking over responsibility for this crucial role in COVID-times, Nick had been very busy in a number of areas; this included:
    • COVID-19 Risk Assessment using the LTA template
    • Removal of court furniture
    • Replacement of court coat hooks
    • Purchase and fixing automatic hand sanitiser to clubhouse in the correct position
    • Purchase of paper hand towels (unable to use automatic hand dryer due to H&S reasons)
    • Signage around premises, clubhouse, courts, etc..
    • Working with Marcus Binning to set up and implement QR code system to record all members and guests visiting the premises.
    • To keep the club open whenever possible, the various expenditure on the above has amounted to £462.
  • Shiplake College have still been able to use the courts, but are paying £12.50 per court per week to take into account the use of floodlights.
  • Nick has power-hosed the decking to reduce slippage, but we need to look under the decking to see if there is any damage/rotting which may need to be dealt with.
  •  Most club members seem to have adhered to all regulations and directions provided, so Nick wanted to thank everyone for their compliance
  • Nick also wanted to thank Nikki Botteril for talking him through the First Aid Kit and how to check the defibrillator machine.

5. Fees
– The Committee was proposing that all membership fees for 2021 should be kept at the same level as for 2020.
– As mentioned above, we can review the inflation-linked fee increases in the future, but for now, as we’re in a financially healthy position, and meet the conditions of the sink fund, it was felt that maintaining the fees at the current level was the right thing to do.
– This was unanimously agreed by those present.

6. Appointment of Auditor
– Sandra Greenslade confirmed that Peter would be happy to be the Club’s Auditor for another year
– Tim thanked Peter for his work to date, and for agreeing to carry on the role next year

7. Committee Roles
– The Committee had proposed the H&S role be brought on to the Committee due to its standalone importance in the Covid-times. The role, and the work undertaken by Nick so far, has been absolutely crucial in allowing the club to stay open and for members and guests to use the facilities in a safe manner. It was unanimously agreed that the role should be a Committee role.
– Chairman – Marcus Binning had previously agreed that he would take over from Tim Dunn when his tenancy expired on 31 December 2020. This was officially proposed by Tim Dunn and seconded by Karen Peters.
– Membership – Andy Stallwood was standing down, but Karen Peters had agreed to take on the role for which she had previously taken responsibility, and had still been supporting Andy. This position for Karen was officially proposed by Andy Stallwood and seconded by Tim Dunn. John Church mentioned that Andy was excellent, very helpful and very welcoming when John first joined. Q Jones added his “welcome back” to the spreadsheet queen!
– Secretary – current secretary, Olly Bonser, was proposed by Tim Dunn and seconded by Helma Marlow
– Treasurer – current Treasurer, Charlie Calderbank, was proposed by Helma Marlow and seconded by Tim Dunn
– H&S – acting H&S Officer Nick Wrigley was proposed by Rachel Richardson and seconded by Tim Verran
– Social Secretary – current Social Secretary, Helma Marlow, was proposed by Tim Dunn and seconded by Nick Wrigley
– Juniors Secretary – current Juniors Secretary, Rachel Richardson, was proposed by Brenda Nearchou and seconded by Tim Dunn.

8. The Jones Shield – intro from Tim Dunn:

– When Diana and Q left their Committee roles, they set up the “Jones Shield”, which was to be awarded by them to recognise any member who has gone above and beyond in their commitment and effort to support the Club during each year. At this point Tim Dunn handed over to Diana:
– Diana commented that it has indeed been a very strange year and that H&S had been absolutely key in allowing the Club to remain open whenever possible and allow safe play. This has been down almost entirely to Nick Wrigley’s tireless efforts to learn and understand the ever-changing rules and regulations passed down from the government and the LTA since March, and then implement whatever was necessary (as had been highlighted earlier in the meeting, to ensure that the Club was Covid-compliant. Diana continued that we all owe Nick a huge debt of gratitude and that he was this year’s recipient of the Jones Shield.
– There followed a large round of applause for Nick from all members present, and it was unanimously agreed that Nick was a completely worthy recipient of the award.
– Nick thanked Diana and Q for the award and said that he was very pleased, honoured and that he was delighted to carry on in the role.

9. AOB
– Q Jones asked to say a few words regarding the outgoing Committee Members, Tim Dunn and Andy Stallwood:
o Q said that everyone should salute Tim for his time and energy during his Chairmanship; there was lots going on at the Club when he took over the role, and he has led the club through a very difficult time throughout 2020 with great skill and always with great communication with the membership; a big thanks to Tim for his contribution to the club.
o Q also wanted to thank Andy for taking on the membership role; Andy has always been very generous with his time and very personable in his dealings with everyone.
o Q, on behalf of the members, said everyone was very grateful for what Tim and Andy have both done for the Club.

There being no more business, the meeting was closed.