Committee Meeting Minutes – 28th April 2020

Minutes of Committee Meeting – 28 April 2020 (via zoom)

Present: Tim Dunn (TD) Chair; Charlie Calderbank (CC) Treasurer; Rachel Richardson (RR) Junior Secretary; Andy Stallwood (AS) Membership Secretary; Helma Marlow (HM) Social Secretary, Olly Bonser (OB) Secretary

  1. Matters arising from the previous meeting
  • No matters arising
  1. COVID-19 situation
  • As a result of the coronavirus pandemic, it had been necessary to close the Club and prevent any onsite access whatsoever until further notice was given by the UK government and the LTA
  • It was agreed that there was a sink fund for emergencies and situations like the current global pandemic
  • Club Championship – if courts were to re-open in the not too distant future, then it may be possible to run the Club Championships in a revised format. The Championship Committee are currently looking at a number of options
  • It was agreed that we should keep paying Tim Rose (Club Coach) during this time
  • We would continue to monitor and follow LTA guidelines and advice on Club re-opening and communicate to the membership as and when required.
  1. Membership Renewal Status
  • Despite reminders going out, membership numbers are currently down by 67
  • At the time of the meeting, there were 240 members (down from 305 this time last year)
  • This was made up of 149 adults and 91 juniors/students
  • 14 new members had joined the club
  • Reasons for the lack of renewals were not known
  • If new members join, they will pay a joining fee and annual subs at a pro rata
  • If those who did not renew now want to renew, they will not pay a joining fee, but will need to pay a full year’s subscription
  • We would have a big push on membership if there was not a natural surge in membership in the first two weeks of a fully re-opened club
  1. Treasurer’s Report
  • The Club currently has a surplus of £28,555.79. This includes £10,810.96 which is the “sink” fund (which is to cover future expenses such as courts, lights, fencing, etc.)
  • The Club is in a financially healthy position for now, with enough for at least a year if needed and no additional income was forthcoming.
  • With no social events due to coronavirus, income will be limited, but this should not be an issue for some time.
  1. Junior Matters
  • All junior coaching is on hold
  • No advertising for junior coaching or junior members is needed at Shiplake primary school in the current situation
  1. Social Events
  • All planned social events have been postponed/cancelled
  • Once lockdown is fully lifted, we will organise a big social event, but only when we can re-open the Clubhouse.
  • Wimbledon draw obviously not happening as there is no Wimbledon this year.
  1. Current status of dispute with Neighbour
  • We had received a response from the neighbour’s solicitor
  • They seemed ok with most of the issues, but there were various outstanding issues which would need to be dealt with
  • The solicitor will be liaising with the Memorial Hall with regards to the boundary issue (as they are the owner of the land, not us)
  • The Club needs to deal with the “nuisance” issue, and determine exactly what the neighbour wants in this respect as we still aren’t 100% sure
  • Once he makes his precise demands clear, then we will aim to do exactly what he wants so that the issue will finally be resolved for once and for all
  • The correspondence around this (ie between solicitors) is pretty slow (eg every 2-3 months), so there is no sense of urgency at present time
  1. Health & Safety
  • No accidents had been reported in the Incident Book,
  • AS had sprayed the decking area which had been slippery which seemed to have improved things, but AS would re-assess in a few months
  1. AOB


  • HM confirmed that a new cleaner had been lined up for when the club re-opens; they would be paid extra to make trips to a shop to purchase any items which were running low
  • RR mentioned that we should get an electric hand-dryer for the loo as we couldn’t have hand towels for hygiene reasons, and paper towels would leave too much mess. RR/HM to research and get quotations for various hand-dryers (eg a Dyson)

New Chairman

  • TD has almost come to the end of his tenure as Chairman, so will be stepping down soon.
  • A few names were mentioned as possible candidates
  • TD said he would speak to a few people and let us know


  1. Monitor and react to LTA guidelines and advice on the coronavirus/lockdown (ALL)
  2. Communicate with the membership on a timely basis, using email alerts via David Bell (ALL)
  3. Monitor membership numbers once the lockdown is lifted (AS); if there is no natural influx of new members or late renewals, create a marketing campaign to promote the Club and boost membership (ALL)
  4. Liaise with the Championship Committee on potential Championship for later this year (ALL)
  5. Once lockdown is lifted, arrange a large post-lockdown social event (HM)
  6. Monitor the decking and determine whether the area needs to be properly fixed with grips (AS)
  7. Keep in contact with new cleaner for when they will be needed (HM)
  8. Research and obtain quotations for an automatic hand-dryer for the loo (HM/RR)
  9. Contact potential candidates for the Chairman role (TD) 

Date of Next Meeting – TBC