1. Dress

Members are encouraged to wear suitable tennis attire

Shoes : ONLY proper non-marking rubber-soled and heel-less tennis shoes must be worn on the Club Courts. Sports shoes or sneakers with ridges or studs are STRICTLY not allowed

2. Balls

Players will provide their own balls except at official Club sessions, tournaments, etc

3. Use of Courts

If there are people waiting to play, Members on court 1 should vacate the Court after one short set of maximum 11 games. Courts 2 and 3 can be booked in advance for up to 1½ hours, by the use of the website.

4. Animals

No Member shall permit any animal to enter the Club premises

5. Membership

It is a requirement of the Club that the Shoe Tag be prominently displayed on a tennis shoe when playing on the Club Courts. Non-display may mean being asked not to play

6. Members under 14

Members under 14 have access to the Courts up to 6:00 p.m. on weekdays without an accompanying adult, but at weekends must give way to Adults and older Junior Members.

7. Juniors and Adults

Juniors and adults have access to the Courts at all times except during matches, tournaments, coaching, club sessions or other official Club activities

8. Visitors

Members should enter the name of the Member and the visitor(s) in the book in the Clubhouse. The Membership Secretary will send bills during January each year for visitor fees. Fees are £5 per adult visitor, and £2 per junior visitor.

A given visitor may not play more than 3 times in any year

Last updated 3rd December 2018