STSC Club Championships 2020

Dear Competitor

Please find attached updated draw sheets and a revised competitors’ contact details sheet. Please read the draw sheet carefully in case any of the changes apply to you.

  1. Men’s Leagues
  2. Ladies Leagues
  3. Mixed Leagues
  4. Vet’s Leagues

Please find the STSC Championship 2020 rules here.

Knockout Phase:

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I hope you’ve all started arranging your matches – why not make the most of the amazing weather this week to get them played! Any queries, please contact us on

Please also note that live scores can be found on this page:

Good luck, and let’s get those matches played!

Due to the hot conditions, will all players please remember rule 6 – i.e. that playing a championship tie-break in lieu of a deciding set is an option if agreed by all parties before the match starts.  As they are plenty of matches to be played, we think this is a good option to keep fatigue down!

Rule 6. All matches will be the best of three tie-break sets (tie-break at 6-6).  If the players agree beforehand this can be modified to two tie-break sets and if the scores are 1 set all then decided by a championship tie-break (i.e. played to 10 points).  The idea is to reduce the overall burden on players due to the number of matches being played.


Championships Committee
(Marcus, Katie, Nick, Peter and Karen)