Junior Club Championship

Shiplake Tennis Club runs a Junior Championship for all Junior members. See details below for the 2023 edition.

Junior Championships at Shiplake Tennis Club 2023

Finals Day is Here!  – Sunday September 10th 2023!

We are pleased to host the culmination of the Junior Championships alongside the Adult Championships this Sunday 10th September!  It’s going to be Sunny, so bring your factor 50 and a sun hat!  See the panel opposite for information!

The Championship  Committee is pleased to announce the launch of this season’s Junior Club Championship, which (for the benefit of any new members) is run as a fun, competitive competition (for Junior Club members only).  It’s open to all abilities, the only qualification you need is a valid membership!

To avoid confusion and disappointment please note all players should be prepared to participate in Finals Day on Sept 10th.  

The Junior Championship is run by our Head Coach, Chris Ovenden so please contact him at  tournaments@cotennis.co.uk.

Useful Information

Where can I find information on Finals Day ? Click this link to be taken to Finals Day Landing Page
I'm In! Where can I sign up ?! Click this link to be taken to the Signup Form
We're having trouble finding a court - Can we use Court 3 during Club sessions ? By all means request the use of Court 3 by filling this form. Availability will be from 1930 on Monday and Wednesday sessions and from 1130 on Sunday sessions
I have a question about the Junior Championship - who can I ask ? Please email Chris Ovenden by clicking this link

Marcus Binning (Co-Championship Organiser) will be updating this page periodically!

*Please note any finals will not be rearranged for another day, if you are unable to make the final you will be withdrawn and a replacement offered the finals place.

We are aiming to run a few different categories to allow players to compete. Once we have all the registered interest we will then send out the structure of play. Likely to be round robins to allow players to maximise the amount of matches played.


  • 9&U – Orange Ball (Mixed)
  • 12@U – Green Ball (Mixed)
  • 14@U – Yellow Ball (Mixed)
  • 18@U – Yellow Ball (Boys)
  • 18@U – Yellow Ball (Girls)

Doubles*Doubles will be completely mixed ie. can be a boy/girl v girl/girl or boy/boy v girl/girl

If you do not have a partner but would like to still enter we will try to pair you up accordingly.

  • 12@U – Green Ball (Mixed)
  • 14&U – Yellow Ball (Mixed)
  • 18&U – Yellow Ball (Mixed)

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