Mens B Match Reports

See below for the progress of our Mens B Team

We fielded as strong a team as possible as this was our last match and we needed some points to avoid relegation. There was much tension in the run up to the match as Jim Weatherston had Covid 😣, but he did recover in time – what a hero. Jim & Chris Bollinghaus won 2-sets against their B-pair and lost 2-sets against their A-Pair. Mark Rodick and Tim Green had a heroic 7-5, 7-5 loss against their A-pair, but got the first set from the B-pair before energy ran out (well it was the rubgy the day before) and crashed out of the 4th set 0-6 😃. So a 3-5 loss was actually a good result. This gives us a 5-point buffer to the other relegation candidate Benson C, but they don’t play their last match until next Sunday!

We fielded a strong team against 2nd in the table with and A-pair of George Brind + Matt Thomas available due to A-team being defunct and they won 3 out of their 4 sets – dropping the 1st set 5-7, but cleaning up after that. Our B-pair (the Olly’s) was Oli Andrewson + Olly Bonser and they started strongly taking a set off the A-pair na d leading in the 2nd set before losing it narrowly. The B-pair vs B-pair wasn’t close at all. We were 2nd from bottom in a league of 10 before the game started and afterwards are 4th – however only 4-points seperate 6-teams and 2 of those have a game in hand. It all comes down to getting some points from the final game in 2-weeks time.
We struggled to get a team out and originally only had 3 available, but because the A-team had been expelled from the league Nigel bravely stepped forward to rescue us from a penalty point.
Neither of our pairs Graham Cooper + Jon Harris or Peter Robinson + Nigel Richardson cold lay a glove on their A-pair, but Peter + Nigel did get a set convincingly at 6-1 from their B-pair.


We had a relatively strong team out and cruised to a 6-2 victory.
Jim Weatherston + Chris Bollinghaus started in blistering form with a 6-1, 6-2 against their 2nd pair and then had a staunch 6-4, 6-3 win against their 1st pair. Confident stuff.
Mark Rodick + Tim Green formed a strong 2nd-pair and shared sets 6-3, 3-6 with their 1st pair and had a very tight match against their 2nd pair narrowly losing 5-7, but then holding their nerve to win the final set on a tie-break 7-6!
When we most of our good players in court we are very competitive in this league.

Unfortunately we came up against the run-away league leaders. They had a particularly good first-pair, well really one very good player – beyond our A-team.
Our A-pair – Oli Anderson + Chris Bollinghaus – very narrowly lost against their experienced and regular B-pair.
Our B-pair – Nick Bottomley (making his debut) + Jon Harris – had a good couple of sets against their B-pair and enjoyed themselves.
A magnificent away draw by our magnificent team!
Our A-pair – Mark Rodick + John Church – won comfortably against their B-pair and had a close fought couple of sets against their A-pair sharing the honours 1-set all.
Our B-pair – Charlie Calderbank + Jon Harris – were wiped out by their A-pair, but fought back against their B-pair to win a thrilling tie-break in the last set and square the match 4-sets all.


A close fought narrow home loss.
Our A-pair – Jim Weatherston + Phil Dombey – had a close fought 1-set all battle with their A-pair and also shared a 1-set all match against their B-pair. All scores were very close.
Our B-pair – Time Verran + John Church – were overwhelmed by their A-pair, but had a very creditable 1-set all match against their B-pair.


A close fought narrow away loss.
Our A-pair – Graham Cooper + John Church – shared the sets against their A-pair (a great result) and also against their B-pair.
Our B-pair – Charlie Calderbank + Jon Harris (making his debut) – battled to a 1-1 draw with their A-pair winning a close tie-break but couldn’t quite carry the same momentum into the B-pair match losing 0-2

A Storming victory winning every set comfortably. Totally undermined the effort of all that travel and sweat + toil in that Bicester D then withdrew from the league and the result was null & void. Disaster!
Our A-pair – Jim Weatherston + Phil Dombey – won all 4-sets.
Our B-pair – Mark Rodick + Graham Cooper – won all 4-sets

A gritty narrow loss against a team with a ridiculously good first pair.
They had dropped out of the league a few years ago and were making their way through the leagues to find their right level (somewhere above our A-team!).
Our A-pair – Jim Weatherston + Olly Bonser – got 1 game over 2-sets against their ridiculously good A-pair and made heavy going of securing both sets against their B-pair (7-5, 7-6).
Our B-pair – Tim Verran + Richard Ormerod – surprised themselves by getting 3 games over 2-sets against their ridiculously good A-pair and did the business in getting 1-set against the B-pair.

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